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A website is the most essential place to showcase what your business has to offer. Your site needs to be focused on attracting traffic and having the systems in place to engage with your visitors. It’s really about converting those visitors to sales prospects, and ultimately into loyal customers. A smartly designed and managed website can do that for you. It can help reduce the cost of client acquisition and allow you to direct resources to places where you get a better return.

At our Vancouver web design agency, we build intuitive, functional, and beautiful websites that attract visitors and communicate your brand identity across every device while engaging with your visitors. For complete web design services – We’ll take you there.

Some of what we do

Website Design

For a website that keeps your brand, your business goals and the user in mind—talk to us. We optimize for website traffic, conversion rate and drive visitors into your sales funnel.


Website Development

Our Vancouver-based developers build every website to provide a fast, responsive online experience across every browser and device. From complex sites to simpler projects, we’ve got you covered.


UX Design

Great user experience is essential. It allows your website visitors to easily find what they’re looking for, while supporting your brand’s personality and encouraging trust. Our UX specialists conduct user testing and prototyping to create positive, memorable experiences for your users.


Responsive Design

“Responsive design” means that your website will look and feel natural, on every browser and every device, no matter how large or small the screen. It’s built into every Red Rocket designed website.


Content Management Systems

At Red Rocket, we support several content management systems, and we can train your staff, so they can take control of your site and ensure that your web content is always fresh, relevant and updated.



Our team of SEO experts will utilize on-page, off-page and technical SEO tactics to increase your search engine rankings and draw more relevant visitors to your website.

A website that upholds your brand integrity

Every one of your communications—from your website copy to your direct emails and online chats—has a voice and personality. That personality is a key component of your brand.

With our expertise in both branding and web design, we’ll make sure your brand’s visual identity and voice shine through on your website. So visitors know exactly who you are, what’s important to you, and more importantly how you can help them.

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What our clients are saying

Your website needs to be a trusted source of relevant, up-to-date information that your customers come back to regularly. That requires fresh, meaningful, and well-organized content, combined with the smart use of SEO strategies to attract new visitors. For properly optimized web design and development focused on building your customer base and improving your ROI, talk to Red Rocket.

Your website is an explicit representation of your business. Often, it is the first point of contact for new customers and plays a crucial role in their initial perception of your product or service. A custom website with logical navigation is crucial to speaking to your visitors at each point of their buyer’s journey. A well-designed website and targeted well-written copy will increase conversions, build credibility, and enhance customer service.

Having a fantastic website means nothing if your target audience is unable to find it. Successful SEO ranks your site for conversion-oriented long-tail keywords, bringing visitors to your site that are specifically seeking what your business offers. Good SEO will increase website traffic; great SEO will increase qualified leads and conversions.

Now more than ever people expect businesses to have professional websites that are easy to use on both desktop and mobile. A positive website experience builds brand credibility and enhances customer service; on the other hand, a site that is difficult or confusing to navigate will send customers away.

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