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Today, everyone is doing online events, from virtual trade shows, to conferences, to product launches and webinars. The landscape is quickly becoming saturated, making it harder than ever to get and keep peoples’ attention online.

But there is a way to stand out among the noise.

At Red Rocket Creative Strategies, we help companies build exciting, interactive, and beautifully designed virtual events that make an impact.

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Some of what we do

Identity System

We ensure your event is branded perfectly, so you can stand out and connect with your audience in a real and memorable way.


Content Creation

We create static and dynamic assets for you.
From videos, to presentations, to event websites, to downloadable content — everything you need for success.


Platform Selection

Virtual event platforms come in all shapes and sizes. The task of choosing one right for you can be daunting. We’ll access your needs and point you in the right direction.


Event Promotion

There’s no point in putting in all the work to create an online event if no one sees it! Red Rocket will promote your event through multiple online channels to get the word out.



We’ll make sure your event attendees are engaged before, during and after your virtual event with a custom strategy that includes email marketing and social channels.



Don’t forget you need a plan for follow-up! While the virtual event gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience, you need to nurture those leads!

Need an event website?

At Red Rocket we understand the value of a strong brand. Your brand defines your culture and personality to the outside world, and also within your organization. In developing your new brand, we apply careful, logical processes and proven principles—along with a strong dose of passion and inspiration. If you need a new brand, or even a minor tweak to give new life to an existing brand, let’s get started.

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The first step to creating a virtual event strategy is identifying your target audience and establishing a goal. Virtual events must have a well-defined concept to cultivate the sense of community that accompanies in-person events. Next, decide on event structure and format, determine what materials and design assets you require, then create a timeline based on the target event date.

A successful virtual event requires presentations, social media posts, pre and post-event emails, and a dedicated webpage. Creative and consistent design is crucial across all assets to engage audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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