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A product’s package is a major influencer in the purchase decision. Packaging differentiates one product from another. It can trigger memories, provoke emotional reactions, provide familiar recognition factors, and simply stand out on the shelf. Packaging must also be practical, and consider factors such as manufacturing technologies and complexity, shipping limitations and shelf space. Our Vancouver-based packaging design team is experienced in navigating the complex world of package design. From research to design, prototyping to production, we deliver packaging solutions that meet our client’s complete requirements—solutions that work in the truck and on the shelf. And that fly off the shelf!

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We provide support in producing custom signage solutions that you can depend on. Our services include but are not limited to print coordination, design, and deployment of the fully integrated signages.


Point of Sale Displays

Want a seamless integration of concept and design, to production and co-packing for your point of sales displays? Let us put our research and knowledge of advanced packaging technologies to work.


Product Packaging

At Red Rocket, we’ve built a team that knows how to deliver a range of packaging design solutions that provoke feelings, communicate emotion, attract the curious and look great on the shelf.

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Attractive packaging equals increased sales, so your package design is an essential element to a successful product launch.

Our Vancouver team of creative designers understands how to design functional and appealing packaging that will draw your customers’ attention. Talk to us about your goals, and learn more about how we can support your packaging design project.

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Package design is a blend of art and science: it’s far more than designing eye-catching colours and shapes. Competitive analysis ensures that a design will attract customers while standing out from the competition. Functional research ensures that a box or bottle is sturdy enough for transport but easy to open. Manufacturing prototypes verify the details and costs of manufacturability, strength, ship-ability and more. Packaging design is complicated—and it’s a task best handled by experienced package design specialists at Red Rocket.

Like any good design, packaging design tells a story. It clearly communicates information about your product, brand, and business. It includes the materials, shape, size, graphics, text, colours, and imagery used to package a product. Good package design builds an experience for the consumer and stands out from all of its competitors.. It is easy to use, appealing to your target audience and communicates key information about your product and business. It is easily modified for future products and follows all of your brand guidelines.

Packaging design is a key marketing asset, and a crucial factor in the purchase decision. Intelligent packaging design makes your product stand out amongst competitors, communicates your value proposition, and attracts new customers.

Sustainable packaging is thoughtfully designed to use as few materials as possible. It utilizes sustainably sourced materials with green disposal options. Not only is sustainable packaging better for the environment, but it can be a major selling factor. Today’s consumer is more eco-conscious than ever before and often seeks out green products. It is crucial that the sustainable aspects of a product and it’s packaging are clearly communicated to the consumer on the packaging and marketing materials. 

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