Engage Your Community and Build Brand Trust With a Virtual Event Experience

Today, everyone is doing online events, from virtual trade shows, to conferences, to product launches and webinars. The landscape is quickly becoming saturated, making it harder than ever to get and keep peoples’ attention online.

But there is a way to stand out among the noise.

At Red Rocket Creative Strategies, we help companies build exciting, interactive, and beautifully designed virtual events that make an impact and engage audiences.

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Online Event Strategy

Identity System

For the biggest impact, all of your event touch points must be consistently on brand. We create static and dynamic assets according to your brand standards, to ensure each touch point clearly communicates your visual identity to your audience.


Content Creation

Engaging content communicates your message while connecting with your audience.
We work with you to create all event content, including presentations, videos, and scripts, plus all pre and post-event materials.


Platform Selection

The task of choosing the right virtual event platform to host your event can be daunting. It starts with determining the kind of experience you want to create. We’ll assess your needs and point you in the right direction.


Event Promotion

Effective event promotion is essential to achieving your goals.
We put a lot of emphasis on promoting your event through the right channels to build attendance and anticipation.



Your event will have the biggest impact if you maximize attendee engagement throughout the experience. We’ll share strategies to boost attendee interaction and collaboration for the duration of your event.



Event follow-up is key for moving attendees further into your sales funnel. We’ll create a post-event marketing strategy that targets key audience segments and nurtures new leads.

Host a Stand-Out Event That Delights Your Attendees

For a truly successful online event, you need all touch points to be engaging, on brand, and delightful for your audience. Our team’s cross-disciplinary expertise will ensure your event achieves your goals, and is an impactful experience for your attendees. With expertise in digital event strategy, branding, digital marketing, and website design, we have the skills to take you there.

[Watch] Product launch event for Ballard Power Systems that we helped orchestrate: Introducing FCmoveTM-HD+ Ballard’s latest heavy-duty power module

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The first step to creating a virtual event strategy is identifying your target audience and establishing a goal. Virtual events must have a well-defined concept to cultivate the sense of community that accompanies in-person events. Next, decide on event structure and format, determine what materials and design assets you require, then create a timeline based on the target event date.

A successful virtual event requires presentations, social media posts, pre and post-event emails, and a dedicated webpage. Creative and consistent design is crucial across all assets to engage audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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