Proven Digital Marketing Strategies That Attract, Engage, and Convert

You need traffic to your website, but not just any traffic. You need to attract the right kind of visitors who will convert into paying clients. Furthermore, you need a system to keep your prospects and clients engaged throughout the sales cycle and beyond. 

As a Hubspot certified digital marketing agency, we’ll work with you to attract the right website visitors, convert them as leads, and nurture them towards a sale. We elevate your brand online via valuable and helpful content that showcases your expertise while speaking to what your audience most cares about.

We’re here to boost your digital presence organically (supplementing it with paid marketing where appropriate) while creating compelling brand touch points for your prospects and clients online.

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Marketing Strategy

Your online marketing strategy should be driven by your overall business goals. We’ll help you get clear on what you want to achieve, and design a custom digital strategy to help you achieve your goals in the quickest and most effective way. 

Persona Development

To attract the right kind of website visitors, we need to really understand who you’re targeting. We’ll work with you to develop buyer persona and buyer group profiles to laser-focus our messaging and guide key strategy decisions. 


SEO is essential for increasing website traffic from Google and other search engines. We’ll define the search terms used by your ideal customers and build a content strategy around them to help get you found.

Lead Generation

Using a variety of tactics, we’ll turn your website into a lead generation machine, capturing more qualified leads, and moving them towards a sale. Our understanding of the marketing funnel allows us to convert visitors at any stage in their buying journey. 

Social Media Strategy

Social media is an effective tool to engage your community, foster trust, and improve your brand’s online presence. We’ll develop a custom social media strategy that’s aligned with your overall goals business, creating targeted content for the most relevant channels.


Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to attract and retain customers through valuable, targeted content. Using persuasive copywriting, blogs, videos, interactive content, and more, we’ll help you establish thought leadership, improve brand awareness, and delight prospects and customers.  

Grow Your Business By Targeting the Right People

Your company’s digital marketing strategy should convey your brand’s key messages, while addressing the needs of your target buyers. 

Our Vancouver-based team of certified digital marketing specialists have a proven track record of building effective and measurable online marketing campaigns that influence business growth and deliver real ROI for market leading businesses. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you’ll get the horsepower of an entire team of specialists who live and breathe digital marketing. Often the cost is comparable to hiring just one in-house digital marketing strategist. Digital marketing companies know what works and what doesn’t, and can build the most effective path for you to meet your goals as quickly as possible. It’s simply more efficient.  

Look for an online marketing agency that can show the impressive results they’ve achieved for other businesses, in the form of case studies, testimonials, and reviews. You might also want to look for an agency that has expertise in your specific industry. It shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if they don’t, but it may affect how quickly you’ll see results. Finally, the quality of your relationship with the agency is a key driver in the success of your digital marketing program, so look for companies that are responsive, enthusiastic, and transparent. Learn more in our blog: 5 Tips on How to Choose a Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

Inbound marketing combines many digital marketing strategies, like SEO and content marketing, to draw prospects to your website. Prospects then download helpful, problem-solving content from your website in exchange for their contact information. The relationship is nurtured with emails that are distributed through targeted email workflows that help move qualified leads toward a sale.

Content marketing enables your business to attract qualified leads and expand your audience by offering valuable content. It increases organic traffic, acts as an additional customer service channel, and builds brand credibility. 

The first step is to establish a consistent blogging schedule and stick with it. Regularly posting will boost your search engine presence and drive website traffic. Write about topics relevant to your business and address problems your target audience is facing. 

Visitors to your website are likely in the awareness stage; they are looking for a solution and may not be aware of the full scope of their problem. Offer data-driven informational content that’s valuable to their situation in return for their email, building you a list of qualified leads.

The foundation of an effective content marketing strategy is establishing who your buyers are and what information they are seeking. We suggest creating buyer personas as this really helps with creating targeted content. Ensure all content aligns with your business goals and industry expertise.

Next, build a distribution plan. Understanding the best method to reach your audience is just as important as the content itself. Our approach is a combination of email marketing, social media, third-party ad placements, and organic search.  

To measure the impact of your content marketing strategy, we track and report on metrics like leads generated, website visits, social media mentions, and engagement. 

Buyer personas help you understand your customers’ journey, allowing you to create targeted content that helps them advance through the buying stages. They assist you in segmenting your audience, allowing you to tailor your message to their specific needs and desires. 

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