Delivering the message to your stakeholders

Successful corporate communications deliver a consistent message across all channels and to every stakeholder. Whatever the audience—clients, investors, employees, or the media—your corporate identity and vision must always shine through.

At Red Rocket, we apply research, engagement, and discipline to help you articulate the issues and messages of the day with your organization’s unique culture and values.

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Nail your next annual report

Corporate reports, whether in print or online, are a critical opportunity to communicate with investors and stakeholder groups. At Red Rocket, we have decades of experience in designing strategic, sensitive and compelling investor communications, such as annual report, that drive stakeholder engagement, and investor interest.

For more info – download our white paper Creating an Exceptional Annual Report: A Macro View.

Some of what we do

Annual Reports

Our annual report designers have decades of experience in producing strategic, sensitive, compelling corporate communications that drive stakeholder engagement, and investor interest. 


Sustainability Reports

The Red Rocket team includes GRI-trained sustainability experts who can work with your CSR team to design a Sustainability Annual Report that presents your corporate progress with clarity and transparency.


Trade Show Booths

Looking for crowd-pleasing designs and enduring support materials that make you stand out at trade shows? Our team is here to help you build more connections, gain recognition and grow customer base.


Corporate Branding

For corporate branding, we can develop designs and guidelines for all kinds of occasions—from special events to storefronts—that support and enhance the brand presence in all media.



Catalogues still work—in print and online—as many of our clients can attest. For an integrated, strategically designed catalogue campaign that builds sales, talk to us.



A well-written, well-design brochure is essential to selling complex products and sharing integral information. Let us know your goals and our customized brochures can help you achieve them.

Let’s inform your company’s target audience

No matter who your company’s target audience is, corporate communications are essential to communicating your most important messages.

We do our research to help you articulate the messaging across various channels in order to fully showcase your values and culture. Are you ready to start a conversation about how we can support your corporate communications? Start a conversation today!

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