Improve Brand Awareness, Engage Key Stakeholders, and Attract Top Talent

Successful communications require consistent messaging across all channels to every stakeholder. Your corporate values, goals, and key metrics must be clearly presented to the people that influence your success most. 

We combine data-driven research with highly developed creative processes in order to build an inspiring and effective corporate communication strategy for your organization. Whatever the audience—clients, investors, employees, or the media—we ensure information is presented clearly and concisely while engaging stakeholders with your brand story. 

Our projects have been identified as exceptional and garnered awards in Applied Arts Magazine and Canadian Printing Awards. 

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Corporate Communications Services

Annual Reports

A key element of corporate communication, we have decades of experience producing strategic, sensitive, and compelling annual reports that drive stakeholder engagement and investor interest.


Sustainability Reports

Our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and SASB trained sustainability experts work with your ESG team to design a Sustainability Report that presents your organization’s progress with clarity and transparency.


Trade Show Booths

Our team is here to help you build connections, gain recognition and grow your customer base while you take your brand on the road. We design enduring support materials that encourage dialogue while keeping your business top of mind.


Corporate Branding

We help you articulate your brand, establish your competitive advantage and build visual identities that effectively communicate your mission. We ensure your brand is differentiated, relevant and sustainable.



Catalogues still work, in print and online. We design strategic catalogues that showcase your product and support your sales team.



A well-designed brochure is essential for selling complex products and sharing integral information. We design custom brochures that communicate key information in an easy-to-consume format.

Internal and External Communications Assets That Build Trust With Your Stakeholders

When it comes to corporate communications, authenticity is key to building trust. Communicating your message clearly and consistently to both internal external stakeholders is more important than ever. 

At Red Rocket Creative Strategies, we do our research to help define your messaging across various channels to ensure your mission, values, and competitive advantage are properly showcased.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

A corporate brand encompasses your corporate values, mission, and goals. Instead of marketing a specific product or service, you are marketing the organization. Corporate brands require all of the same elements as other brands, just with a much broader focus.

When done correctly, corporate communications establish identity, attract new talent, boost employee engagement, minimize miscommunication, and enable transparency.

A sustainability report documents an organization’s environmental and social performance. It demonstrates a commitment to their sustainability goals and establishes trust with internal and external stakeholders.

A well-designed annual report utilizes infographics, typographic hierarchy, and engaging imagery to clearly communicate key points. It is concise and easily understood while providing a thorough description of who your organization is, what you do, and why you do it. Learn more in our blog, A Simple System to Help You Design the Perfect Annual Report.

Corporate reporting, whether in print or online, is a critical opportunity to have meaningful dialogue with investors and stakeholder groups. At Red Rocket, we have decades of experience with world leaders in designing strategic, sensitive and compelling investor communications, such as annual and sustainability reports, that drive stakeholder engagement and pique investor interest.

Some of our recent sustainability reports include those for Ballard Power Systems, SSR Mining, and Wheaton Precious Metals.

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