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Building a brand can be a time-consuming process, from conducting the initial brand audit to finalizing the brand identity guidelines to ensuring consistency across all platforms.

We as a brand design agency support you in every step of the process. Our proven solutions bring your unique values to life in powerful, effective visuals and memorable language that will elevate your profile in every application. For a complete branding service — we’ll take you there.  

Here’s some of what we do

Identity System

Branding is about identity, so the brand design package we produce will include an extensive identity system of visual imagery, colours, typography and tone that capture the essence of your brand.



Your brand name is your key identifier. At Red Rocket, brand name development is creative, but also process-driven. Our brand design team delivers effective names that drive brand recognition and spur success.


Brand Strategy

We make sure we do the research to identify your brand personality and culture. Then, we develop a brand design strategy that will succeed and endure accordingly.


Graphic Standards

Graphic standards are the crucial guidelines that ensure consistency among all your brand’s visual presence. We create a comprehensive set of standards to guide your brand’s every graphics execution.


Branded Environments

Creating a branded space allows you to tell the story of your organization. We can develop brand designs and guidelines that will support and enhance your brand presence in all media.


Market Activation

For the growth and development of your brand, you may want to collaborate with other organizations. We provide support services to help you research, identify opportunities and collaborate with the organization.

Let’s build your brand

Red Rocket is a brand design agency that understands the value of a strong brand. Your brand defines your culture and personality to the outside world, and also within your organization. In developing your new brand, we apply careful, logical processes and proven principles—along with a strong dose of passion and inspiration. If you need a new brand, or even a minor tweak to give new life to an existing brand, let’s get started.

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Your brand is much more than your logo. It’s the representation of your corporate culture and identity. The unique value-add that you bring to your market and your stakeholders. The design of your brand is the distilled essence of who you are, as it’s woven through your online presence, visuals, reports, packaging, signage, trade show materials, and corporate communications.

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