We Build Brands That Shift Perceptions, Change Behaviour, and Drive Action

Whether you’re a brand new startup or an established organization, we’ll bring your unique values to life through powerful visuals and memorable language. Our mission is to elevate your profile in every application. 

For each branding project we undertake, we apply careful, logical processes and proven principles—along with a strong dose of passion and inspiration. If you need a new brand or even a minor refresh to your existing one, we’re here to help.

For complete branding and identity design services—We’ll take you there.

Branding Services

Identity System

Your brand identity should capture the essence of who you are. Our branding and logo design packages achieve this through an extensive identity system of visual imagery, colours, typography, and tone.


The right brand name is imperative for the success of your business. Our brand strategists deliver effective and memorable names that drive brand recognition and spur success, based on an approach that is deeply creative, but also process-driven. 

Brand Strategy

The right brand strategy will help you stand out and communicate your true value to stakeholders. Our process is research-driven and brings your company’s personality and culture into the finished product.

Graphic Standards

Graphic standards ensure your brand’s integrity is always maintained across every application. We create these crucial guidelines for every project to ensure brand consistency in both your visuals and messaging.


Branded Environments

Creating a branded space allows you to tell your organization’s story to key stakeholders. We develop brand designs, graphic designs, and guidelines that will support and enhance your brand presence across all media.


Market Activation

We provide support services to help you research and identify collaboration opportunities with complimentary organizations that can help further develop your brand in the marketplace.

Brand Strategy and Identity Design That Communicate Your Unique Value

Successful branding connects with your stakeholders on an emotional level, fostering trust and loyalty while benefiting your bottom line.

At Red Rocket Creative Strategies, we understand the value of a strong brand. Our time-tested processes allow us to hone in on what makes your brand unique, what differentiates you from competitors, and the visuals and messaging that will most effectively speak to your target audience. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Your brand is much more than your logo. It’s the representation of your corporate culture and identity. The unique value-add that you bring to your market and your stakeholders. The design of your brand is the distilled essence of who you are, as it’s woven through your online presence, visuals, reports, packaging, signage, trade show materials, and corporate communications. Learn more in our blog, How to Build a Strong Brand and Stand Out Among Competitors.

Your brand is the first point of contact consumers have with your business; it provides the information people will use to form their first impression. Branding differentiates your business from your competitors and communicates the value your product or service has to offer. Successful branding connects emotionally with consumers to build loyalty and longevity.

It ensures that your brand is cohesive, communicates the correct message, and remains consistent across all elements of your business. Consistent brands breed trust with your target audience, and that trust translates into loyal customers.

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