Annabelle Lin



Annabelle’s background in psychology has provided her with a strong sense of empathy and research ability. Her experience as a social media marketing and events coordinator has fuelled her passion for people, understanding what their goals are and how to get them there. She strives to bring a blend of analytical skills, creativity and knowledge of inbound marketing to help clients tell an impactful story.

Her Specialties:

• Social Media Marketing   • Content Creation   • Copywriting
• Creative Marketing Strategy   • Event Planning

Her Hobbies:

• Dancing for her cats   • Eating and talking about really great food

• Boothing at craft markets   • Imagining creating bus ads and elaborate friendship videos

Her Favourite Quote:

“People talk about confidence without ever bringing up hard work. That’s a mistake. I don’t understand how you could have self-confidence if you don’t do the work.” – Mindy Kaling