UX and Website Development for Gaining and Retaining Members

The Work Wellness Institute (WWi) is a Canadian think tank with global reach that aims to create safe, healthy, and inclusive workplaces. To achieve this, WWi conducts and supports research and shares knowledge. WWi collaborates with partners across academia, industry, government, and the community to lead evidence-informed change.

The WWi website offers leading-edge techniques, many of which are free, to assist employers in designing and nurturing productive workplaces. They strive to provide credible information that relates to work wellness and the recruitment and retention of people with disabilities.


Various WWI initiatives and research projects were not properly communicated with users and members. A lot of valuable transformative information was lost on a poorly structured website. To address this issue, WWI sought to simplify and organize the website, while expanding resources and products. Additionally, they aimed to convey its brand values to build trust among its audience.


To simplify WWI’s offering and make information more accessible, we clarified its value propositions and documented its resources using journey mapping. We designed a simple Membership Benefits page with FAQs for prospective members. By creating clear categories and visual affordances on course cards and pages, we improved the communication of value. We simplified navigation for both task and discovery-led users, highlighting current efforts and initiatives on the homepage with minimal upkeep required from the internal team.

Key Services Provided
  • UX Strategy
  • Design Direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Development
Understanding User Behavior To Inform The Content Structure

We worked with WWI to improve their navigation by developing user journeys and understanding user needs. WWI had invested in various resources and courses over the years, including webinars, e-courses, accredited courses, and events. However, users were not able to differentiate between them and were missing out on the value of certain products. To solve this, we created a new design with easy-to-understand cards that provided essential information upfront. We also renamed and reorganized the navigation to make it easier for key audiences to access primary actions.

Helping Communicate Membership Value

WWI offers a wealth of valuable free learning resources but also provides access to 200+ certified resources through paid memberships. These accreditations can enhance individual and organizational profiles by providing actionable new skills and capabilities. To attract prospective members, we need to clearly communicate the value of membership for different groups.

Designing and Developing Advanced Search

We worked with the WWi team to improve the search functionality and UX of their Research Portal. Our focus was on how users primarily use the Portal’s search feature, and we grouped them into two categories: those with a specific search intent and those who are browsing and exploring different research topics.

To improve their experience, we ensured that the new Portal matches the look and feel of the updated website.

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