For over thirty years, Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging has been serving clients in metro Vancouver area and across Canada. They experienced a “changing of the guard” when James Rowley, the founder’s son, took over as President. James, working with an invigorated management team, chose to commit Glenmore to becoming a leader in print technology, capabilities and customer service. They made major investments in new systems and technology, with a focus on innovative, high-end packaging. Then—to help market the company’s new culture and offerings—they hired Red Rocket Creative Strategies to develop a strategic marketing plan.


After competitive analysis, deep investigation of Glenmore’s culture and customers, and study of management’s vision, we developed a comprehensive marketing plan. Part of this process was recognizing how Glenmore had succeeded by flying “below the radar” for many years. Growth had been steady but slow, and the company had never launched a focused effort to claim a larger market share or land major accounts. Our marketing plan provided a blueprint for achieving both goals.

We established a number of benchmarks—which included building a leadership image, and significantly increasing Glenmore’s market share—and crafted a program for achieving them.

Key Services Provided
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Rebrand
  • Strategic marketing plan
An identity that affirms the brand essence.

Through Brand Conviction sessions with Glenmore staff, we identified the characteristics of Glenmore culture and that helped us define who they are. This was central to developing an image and brand presence that  truly reflects the company. The deliverables that arose from this process included a refreshed logo, new stationery, presentation packaging, shipping cartons, uniforms, website and a host of other brand elements.

An outbound information campaign that reinforces leadership

Our marketing plan moves into new platforms, without losing Glenmore’s traditional style of quiet, confident promotion. We recommended a range of less-traditional marketing channels including SPARK talks, blogs, industry publications and branded giveaway items.

Stoking employee enthusiasm

As the phases of this marketing plan unfolded, Glenmore experienced a significant bump in employee morale—and a dramatic growth in sales.

“The sample kits have been a smash hit. We’ve been breaking into accounts we never had a chance on before. They’re so different and unique that people’s jaws hit the floor when they see them.”


James Rowley
General Manager, Glenmore Printing

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