The Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) is the voice of mining in BC. It speaks on behalf of coal, metal and industrial mineral producers, as well as advanced development companies.

The story of mining in BC is one of job creation, local prosperity, and clean tech. But the MABC’s old website wasn’t telling this story well. The MABC needed to elevate the public’s perception of the mining industry, while helping to better attract the younger generation to the field.

They decided they needed a new website, and came to Red Rocket Creative Strategies to help achieve their goal of redefining the industry.


Together, we defined the objectives that the new website should accomplish. To achieve this from a design perspective, we examined research on the three user groups. We also took a look at how mining companies had been visually represented in the past, and where the industry was headed.

Our design was aimed to help people rethink how mining creates value in their communities and impacts their life. There was also a need to showcase the positive economic impact that mining has on BC and emphasize the industry’s focus on environmental stewardship. We achieved these goals by crafting a visual language that conveyed mining as a contemporary, exciting and future-forward industry.  

Key Services Provided
  • Creating a visual language
  • Illustration
  • UX Design
  • User Research
  • Website architecture
Sharing the mining industry’s story through approachable visual language

The existing MABC website was locked in the past, and reminiscent of historical mining practices. Today’s BC mining companies are thinking globally, and about the future. We chose wide open white space and a friendly palette to better represent the way things are headed. We went with lighter pastel colours, which was a clear departure from the usual heavy, dark mining colours and imagery.

The new outlook is a bright future of scientific advancement, reduced environmental impact and strong communities. The imagery and text now tell the visitor a story of mining’s positive impact in these communities, and emphasize that mining is an integral part of BC’s economy and future.

Creating the website architecture through a UX approach

There were three user groups that the new website was targeted to. Our design and content structure needed to appeal to each one, and the information needed to be easily accessible and visually engaging. From a content and data management perspective, we left out pages from the legacy website that no longer reflected the MABC’s current vision and goals. The content structure needed to match the freshness and modernity of the design.

On the homepage, the clean, horizontal scrolling layout provides visitors with quick and visual access to MABC’s four key messages. The clusters of imagery and text clearly convey each idea.

I have had the pleasure of working with Red Rocket Creative Strategies on a number of projects and each time have been impressed by their professionalism and the quality of their products and services. They do not shy away from a challenging project and have always offered creative solutions to meet often ambitious goals. The team is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with; I would not hesitate in recommending this firm for any project large or small.

Cailey Murphy
MABC Senior Strategic Advisor
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