Function Point is an agency management software specifically designed for creative agencies. Their goal is to help agencies manage projects delivering work on time and on budget. 

Function Point’s goal is to make productivity more personable, they wanted their brand to be approachable, collaborative, empowering, humorous, and positive.

Function Point’s website had gaps in the user experience and lacked content that converted into sales. The website was not aligned with the company brand guidelines and was not ranking in prospect searches.


We began by researching and interviewing Function Point’s key personnel to build detailed buyer personas with the buyer’s journey information necessary to create effective messaging, content, and conversion paths through the program’s lifetime.

We then defined Function Point’s brand voice, tone, and style; then conducted a thorough competitor analysis. 

We utilized blogging, social media, and search engine optimization to increase website traffic. We then implemented gated premium content, such as ebooks and webinars, to turn this new traffic into leads. We nurtured these online relationships with email marketing and case studies to establish market understanding and thought leadership.

Key Services Provided
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Generation
    (Blogs, Social Media, Emails)
  • Landing Page Design
Redesigned Website

We redesigned Function Point’s website to improve user experience and reflect their brand messaging. We used bright but not overwhelming colours and friendly design to make the site welcoming and engaging. 

We updated all imagery to create consistency and clarity, and removed any outdated content; updated all homepage CTAs to better reflect the buyer’s journey; removed all 404s and established a consistent naming system for webinars and premium content. 

Finally, we redesigned the product pages, updating the layout to feel more modern, adding images to show off the software’s interface, and adjusting the copy to clearly state the value Function Point provides to agencies of all sizes. 


Q1: 2021

Sessions  81,787 – 13.6% increase from previous quarter

Pageviews 100,632 – 15.78% increase

Industry Report

We surveyed over 100 creative agencies to understand how the industry coped with the COVID-19 pandemic. Which agencies were most resilient throughout the pandemic? Which service offerings grew and which contracted? We wanted to provide a benchmark for other agencies, so we collected information about yearly productivity and profitability, as well as hiring decisions made during the pandemic and put it in the industry report.


The report was such a success that it is now a yearly deliverable. This year we received over double the response from 2021 and are looking forward to increasing the report scope with time. 

Check out the report Click here


Q1 2021:


Blogging and Premium Content

We created a program of consistent and valuable blog content for Function Point, focusing on topics of interest for their target audience, including measuring profitability and productivity and identifying areas for growth and improvement.


We established a consistent tone of voice that is clear, concise, and active. FP’s blogs are written in plain, simple language, and complex terms are broken down and explained. 


Q1 2021:

Blog Traffic 16,490 – 39.21% increase from previous quarter

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