Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP is an award winning law firm in Richmond, British Columbia. Established in 1979, CBE is a general practice law firm, providing services in diverse areas of law to the surrounding community. They were voted Best Law Firm as part of Richmond News’ Best of Richmond in 2020 and 2021. 

When CBE approached Red Rocket Creative Strategies, they wanted to further connect with the community and felt that creating videos for their website would heighten their presence online. They hoped such a video project would generate more interest in the firm. 

After further discussions about the firm’s goals, Red Rocket got to work and presented a comprehensive strategy. 


In order to create the biggest impact, we approached this project with our consulting hats on, working to align the video project with CBE’s overarching business goals. We worked with CBE to define objectives and gain a clear understanding of what the project was supposed to achieve. From there, we came up with a plan to create:

  • 18 micro videos showcasing the CBE lawyers, their areas of expertise, and their personal approach to working with clients.
  • One overarching video that consolidated the firm’s collective knowledge and business acumen, created to help attract new clients and retain existing ones. 
  • Transcriptions of the micro videos to create written “blogs” – same content, but a different delivery system.
Key Services Provided
  • Marketing strategy
  • Video production 
  • Post production/editing
  • Content distribution
Building rapport and communicating trust

Since a lot of people are apprehensive about hiring a lawyer, and have doubts around whether they’ve chosen the right one, it was important that we build trust with this video project, and present the lawyers in an approachable way. To create the most effective messaging and help convey trust, we conducted pre-interviews with each participant. This allowed us to establish rapport and get to the heart of their unique area of expertise, while developing authentic story angles for each recorded interview.  

Prior to the pre-interviews, we conducted research on each lawyer, including tenure, what type of cases they’ve worked on, their practice preferences, and their philosophy on law. Once we identified their specific areas of practice, we undertook further research around issues relevant to each area. We put ourselves in the shoes of a prospective client looking for legal services, and came up with questions that such a person would likely ask. 

From there, we refined the questions to chosen topics for each lawyer, and devised a plan on how to present them. We then recorded all the videos over two days at CBE’s Richmond office. 

During the interviews, we asked questions designed to show how the lawyer-client relationship works at CBE. We also chose to have the lawyers look at our interviewer, rather than directly at the camera. We filmed close-ups of their hands and eyes, capturing human gestures that help convey trust.   

Creating video assets with lasting value

Once the recording was complete, we went into post-production mode, editing the completed interviews to succinct 45-second videos appropriate for sharing online. The finished videos appear as casual conversations one might have with a lawyer, which helps prospective clients develop familiarity with the firm. The videos now live on CBE’s website, and make it clear that the lawyers are knowledgeable, personable and truly work on behalf of their clients’ best interests. 

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