As Canada’s premier provider of fleet leasing and management programs, Foss National is always seeking new strategies for growing their client base. They came to Red Rocket seeking a new website that would better engage site visitors, turn more visitors into sales prospects, and reward existing clients for return visits. They wanted to refresh its messaging and to reorganize the site to feature their solutions-focused blog and white papers.


Before we could improve Foss National’s engagement with their site visitors, we needed a clear idea of who those visitors are. Foss National serves many fleet-leasing markets, from provincial governments to small plumbing companies with a couple of service vans. The breadth of their client base is challenging. Instead of taking up too much time and budget, we came up with a research strategy that was practical, effective. We used our tools to examine the habits of visitors to the legacy website: by tracking their past behaviours, we determined which pages they visited, how they navigated the site, and how they found the information they sought. We also discovered which keywords were most popularly used in searches.

With that data in hand, we could devise strategies for simplifying their interactions and making their visits more rewarding, and making searches more successful.

Key Services Provided
  • Establishing website goals and purpose
  • Website design and development
  • Ongoing content generation (blogs, white papers, social media, emails)
  • Improved lead generation capabilities
Developing a User-and SEO-Friendly Website Architecture

We exhaustively researched the pathways that visitors followed when visiting the legacy website. We tracked which pages they visited and how they navigated the site. This revealed which pages, and what information, was most valuable. We also determined which keywords and word combinations were most popularly used to find the information that visitors searched for.

The pathway data gave us guidance in designing a user-friendly site architecture that simplifies the browsing experience and makes it more rewarding and meaningful. The keyword data helped us design a search-engine-optimized (SEO) site that helps search engines and draws in new prospects.



Increase in
blog views



Increase in
leads generated



Increase in
social media followers



Increase in landing
page submissions

Figures are for Foss National Leasing over a 1 year period (April 16, 2020)

Improving the Website’s Lead Generation Capabilities

The previous Foss National website was successful in generating leads, but we wanted to increase its effectiveness.

Working with Foss National, we clarified the stages of the buyer’s journey, and added specific calls-to-action to respond to the needs of each stage.

Service pages include links to free white papers, in exchange for an email address to facilitate lead generation. The homepage features a “Get a Free Consultation” button. Each service page includes a “Contact Us” Button.  All leads are captured and integrated with Foss National’s contact database management system.

The results have been a marked increase in website traffic and lead generation.

Creating Content to Attract Visitors and Capture Leads

Four times a month, Foss National publishes new content: their blogs and video-blogs provide news and guidance on topics like driver safety, strategies for effective purchasing and reselling vehicles, changes in legislation that affect lease holders, and other industry trends. These blogs are written for optimal SEO (search engine optimization) to attract more visitors who are using search engines to seek vehicle-leasing solutions. Each blog links to a white paper on a related subject, which visitors can access in exchange for their email address.

I took over marketing responsibilities for Foss National Leasing 4 years ago and have been working closely with Red Rocket on all of our digital marketing needs.

Through collaboration and their attention to detail we have transformed our brand and have become a leader in our industry in providing informative and educational information to our customers. Along with this we have completely overhauled our brand, website and implemented successful e-mail marketing campaigns.

What I really like about dealing with Red Rocket is that they always challenge me and want to have a firm understanding of my vision before they implement anything. They continue to contribute new ideas to our marketing strategy, and consistently deliver top-notch results.

It really feels like they are our own in house digital marketing team.

Basil Marcus
Commercial Director at Foss National Leasing

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