Amazon and LeasePlan Canada Choose Red Rocket

Amazon and LeasePlan Canada teamed up with Red Rocket to create a vehicle management portal for ALL of Amazon’s delivery vehicles in Canada. LeasePlan Canada manages the financing and vehicle services for their fleet, which includes around 2500 of those grey-blue Amazon delivery trucks to be added to the road every year.

The portal we created ensures the data that is pushed to, and received from, the delivery vehicle operators is completely accurate and efficiently assembled–while providing a pleasant experience for the operators.Everything from on-boarding, right through to scheduling routine vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption tracking is integrated into the portal. By ensuring the recording platform is a pleasant experience (and not onerous) the operators are more engaged with the program, which ensures Amazon gets the data it requires to oversee its delivery services nationally. And we all know that Amazon is a data driven organization.


OK, let’s get some jargon out of the way. The vehicle operators are called “Delivery Service Providers” or DSP’s as we refer to them. We were asked to build an end-to-end communication platform for the DSPs that would be simple to use and efficient; from onboarding, vehicle inventory management and fleet management.

This required us to connect various data sources – including LeasePlan’s proprietary data lake, Salesforce, Power BI Reporting, and Hubspot – all working seamlessly together. 

We needed to share information with Amazon – such as vehicle recalls, preventative maintenance scheduling and billing cycles. This was combined with reporting triggers for additional info when issues arose. The opportunity for LeasePlan was to create an experience while collecting a ton of data along the way. For example, letting the DSPs know when incremental information was needed or when action was required for safe operation of their vehicle.

At the same time, it was important to be prepared for the inevitable questions the DSPs would have as they entered the Amazon ecosystem. Helping them understand their role and providing support reduced the friction in adopting the reporting protocols. Both sides of the relationship were properly served by being properly informed.


We recommended building the portal with a distinct onboarding experience in order to:

  1. get the DSPs acquainted with the portal’s features, as well as,
  2. gather all the essential data at various stages of the journey.
    We mapped out the potential pain points drivers may experience at each stage and built automated processes to help them easily overcome any challenges they encountered.

It was equally important to consider how the automated actions within the portal are connected to emails the DSPs received. To accomplish this, we made the visuals simple and intuitive by adding interactive graphs and easy-to-sort lists of “action items” required for each vehicle. We also included easy-to download resources, such as guides, and checklists to assist the DSPs adopt the program.

Key Services Provided
  • UX Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Email Strategy
Vendor network locator

We integrated a vehicle support vendor network locator as part of their vehicle management portal. This feature sources maintenance vendors based on proximity to the nearest Amazon Hub, streamlining the maintenance process for Amazon’s delivery vehicles across Canada. It saves time, increases vehicle availability, and enhances operational efficiency while showcasing Amazon’s commitment to leveraging technology for seamless fleet management.

Efficient onboarding process

We designed a highly efficient onboarding process for the DSP’s. The onboarding process is designed by using vehicle management portal and Hubspot emails in tandem. The initial interactions on the Portal teach the DSP’s on how to get their vehicles on the road, what the value of the portal is, and where to go for help and support. .This ensures a smooth transition and familiarity with the system.

At the same time, the Hubspot email strategy comes into play with automated emails are triggered at specific stages, providing essential instructions, updates, and guidance to ensure a seamless experience.

Built-in reporting

We designed a reporting mechanism within their vehicle management portal which allows Delivery Service Providers (contract courier companies) to easily report and track preventative maintenance work completed on the vehicles. By capturing this data, we enable proactive planning, maintenance history tracking, and enhanced overall efficiency and reliability of the vehicles.

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