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Media Kit Brochure

Pacific Western Brewing

Pacific Western Brewing (PWB), BC’s longest-operating, locally-owned brewery, presented
Red Rocket Creative Strategies with a unique challenge: design and produce a booklet that would
1) educate a broad audience about the company’s history, accomplishments and future, and
2) raise awareness about provincial taxation policies that hindered smaller, regional breweries.
At the same time, they wanted the document to be fun, upbeat and a light read. A tall order, but a challenge we were excited to take on.
PWB liked the idea of using infographics to take the reader on a journey, and so did we. A journey fit nicely with Pacific Pilsner’s nautical branding theme, and it allowed us to tell a story using bold graphics that reinforced statistics, facts and product information. We stuck with PWB’s colours of blue and gold, as they blended and complemented each other well in the many maps, charts, graphs and numbers that told the story. Copy was organized and edited to craft a convincing narrative.
The result was CHARTING A COURSE FOR SUCCESS—a fun read, but also a compelling marketing and educational tool that conveyed a great deal of information without overwhelming the reader. It also reinforced PWB’s image as a progressive and successful local business.