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Montridge Financial Group, long-established employee benefits and pension plan consultants in Vancouver, provide a broad range of services to BC employers both big and small. As avid supporters of the community, Montridge regularly places ads in the VSO’s Allegro magazine, as well as in People Talk magazine (published by the Human Resources Management Association) and also in BC Business magazine. Red Rocket Creative Strategies was hired to develop, write and design a series of four print and online ads to run throughout the year in the various publications.

Montridge management has developed a reputation for accessibility, strong client connections and an easygoing, friendly style—which was one reason why management wanted a light-hearted approach with a bit of fun to drive home key points about the value of good benefits and pension planning.

Brainstorming with Montridge management, our creative team honed in on the idea that, without well-designed employee benefits, pension and succession strategies, employers put themselves at risk for a number of problems. Our two-fold challenge was to 1) identify these problems with a bit of humour that would resonate with an affluent, business-leader audience, and 2) link Montridge in the readers’ minds as the company to help them solve those problems.

A picture still says a thousand words, and we felt cheeky images supported with stylized illustrations would say those words in a memorable, engaging way—especially if it touches on specific problems that just about every business owner faces: succession, benefits, continuation and pensions. When combined with punchy copy and subtle puns that reinforced the value of good support and solutions, the ads delivered the message that Montridge is a company that understands the challenges business owners face and had solutions ready to help.