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Promotional Brochure

Glenmore Printers Ltd.

 /  Technology
Sometimes a marketing campaign just begs to go over the top. And with Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging’s new Prizmafoil printing process, we knew that’s where we had to go—or in this case, Under the BIG top.
The Prizmafoil cold foil system, for which Glenmore holds the exclusive Pacific Northwest license, is revolutionizing the printing process of adding foil highlights to packaging and documents. Not only does Prizmafoil use foil in ways never before possible, it’s far more economical, recyclable, and faster than traditional methods.
Being new and relatively unknown, however, Prizmafoil’s marketing demanded a bold and flashy theme for sales reps to showcase its game-changing capabilities. So when the team at Red Rocket Creative Strategies worked on theme development, we were drawn to the glitz, colour and drama of a circus.
Glenmore management loved the idea, so we went to work on a 12-page brochure. Key messages were anchored around circus-related imagery that offered rich opportunities to feature Prizmafoil’s capabilities in a series of foldouts. Images included tigers, fire-breathers, circus lights and colourful dancers. A box of popcorn highlighted how Prizmafoil could enhance packaging like never before. A variety of UV finishes added texture with innovative uses of light and shadow, in some cases creating a 3-D effect.
The copy pushed the excitement further. “Under the BIG top” was chosen as the title, reinforcing the idea that something amazing awaited inside. Using lavish, custom-designed header fonts, we developed messages that supported the circus theme while educating readers on how Prizmafoil could enhance their packaging, documents and displays. At the same time, each foldout employed a variety of Prizmafoil applications that offered real-life examples of just what the technology could do. A foldout of production notes at the end showcased the processes used on each page and image.
The result was a compelling and unique promo piece that Glenmore’s reps were thrilled to present to clients and prospects. Not only did the brochure grab prospects’ attention, it presented convincing evidence that Prizmafoil might be the greatest show on earth—at least in the world of foil printing.