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Energold Group

 /  Mining

The Energold Group represents three specialty drilling-related companies servicing the mining and energy sectors worldwide. Energold has diversified over the past decade, providing resilience amidst an industry slump, while management has received accolades for innovation, business savvy and social stewardship. Recognizing that the company’s brand and image no longer reflected Energold’s status or achievements, management approached Red Rocket Creative Strategies to create a new identity.

As we spent time in the Energold world, we realized its corporate culture represented an unusual mix of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and social awareness. Enmeshed in a traditionally conservative industry, Energold approached its business with a unique sensitivity to environmental and social concerns—particularly in how it adapted its technology to local terrain and community needs. As a result, our design direction was drawn to themes both conservative and professional while reflecting a very strong sense of approachability, social support and sensitivity.

Energold’s existing logo employed a complex (and outdated) globe with blue lettering. We replaced the globe with a partial, blue circle that conveyed support, collaboration and the completeness of the company’s service matrix. We developed a more contemporary custom font, changing the colour to a dark grey that represented rock, earth and stability. The blue in the circle mark provided strong associations with trust, approachability, wisdom and intelligence. The mark also identified with the turning of a drill bit and, when combined with a “v” shape at the top of the circle, connected the company succinctly with the drilling industry.

When applied to stationery, business cards and company communications, the new identity brought a fresh energy to Energold that accurately reflected the company’s unique entrepreneurial culture, very positive industry reputation and community connections.