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Juvenile Alpine Race Series

BC Alpine

"The Red Rocket Team went well above the call of duty on this precious project, a true commitment to excellence!"

— Bruce Goldsmid, CEO, BC Alpine

The Juvenile Alpine Race Series is now proudly sporting a hot (or should we say ‘a cool’) new look that will be in place for the next several years. The rebranding of this high profile, athletic development property touched on several aspects of the event experience–from the starting gates to the gold, silver and bronze medals.

Red Rocket Creative Stategies’ design team researched, conceptualized and illustrated the stylized downhill racer to be technically perfect. The addition of multi-coloured ribbons streaming in the wake of the skier’s downhill progress give a sense motion and rhythm synonymous to alpine racers. From hot to cool, the progression of colours also adds a sense of depth to the visual.

Don’t forget the bling! The gold/silver/bronze medals, medal lanyards, and race ribbons are highly prized rewards for the BC Alpine’s race participants. Making unique medals that are worthy of public display is both an artistic and technical manufacturing challenge. Red Rocket Creative Strategies designed and managed the manufacture of these multi-coloured medals, lanyards and ribbons. It’s about making the racing experience memorable for all. Perhaps our efforts will deliver BC’s elite young athletes to the world’s podiums one day.

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The various aspects of the downhill racer illustration became the focal point that tied all the deliverables together. It was the graphic that was successfully die-sublimated to the lycra-type fabric that became the race bibs, not to mention the 20-foot highflying banners that the many athletes raced towards on their way to the finish line.

The new look was applied consistently to several other aspects of the event rebranding including: sponsor signage, course flags, long-sleeve T’s, hoodies, the medals and lanyards, and full colour Vancouver Sun ads. The result is a truly memorable brand experience that raises the public profile of this province-wide event.