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Pacific Pilsner, Pacific Western Brewing’s flagship product, has stood the test of time in BC’s competitive premium beer market. But with several years under its sails, the Pacific Pilsner brand image was looking tired and frayed at the edges.


In light of recent events (remember WorldCom, Enron, Nortel?) Canadian regulators now require that ALL publicly traded companies provide transparent, confidential and auditable reporting services to their employees. WhistleBlower Security arrives to save the day. The business owners had the concept, call centre infrastructure, and reputation, but they needed to put a face to the organization.


So you want to spend less on marketing, but get a bigger bang for your buck? It may be easier than you think. To maximize marketing budget value you need to understand your clients and their buying habits. By collecting demographic information and analyzing trends you will be able to make better and more efficient marketing decisions.


The savory smells of freshly baked gingerbread combined with the fresh scent of pine are strong indicators the holiday season is upon us.

Did you know that scent is the only sense that is directly connected to the cerebral cortex of the brain? The right aroma can influence sleep, mental focus and even romance. It is proven to make people and environments more attractive. And that's nothing to turn your nose at.


Too much coffee, a healthy serving of humble pie, and plenty of sweat are vital aspects to creating a website. There is no doubting the power this technology has brought to the marketplace. The Internet proves to be an incredible marketing tool and to be successful in today's business climate you need a web presence. The Red Rocket website now contains some ninety plus images of projects we have completed.