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DP World

“Red Rocket, you knocked it out of the park!”
Angela Kirkham Manager, Marketing & Communications

The Client

Dubai-based DP World operates over 70 shipping terminals and employs more than 36,000 people worldwide, moving an estimated 60 million containers globally.

The Challenge

When DP World’s North American Operations Group, headquartered in North Carolina, signed on as a Platinum Sponsor of the 16th Annual TPM Conference in Long Beach, California, management realized they needed help. Red Rocket Creative Strategies was hired to develop an extensive activation program for the conference, encompassing an overall strategy plus trade show and collateral materials to market the company to an audience looking for innovative shipping solutions to access North American markets. A key element of this program was an over-arching theme to connect four of DP World’s North American facilities: Vancouver, Nanaimo, Prince Rupert and Caucedo in the Dominican Republic.

Key deliverables of the activation program included a conference lock-up logo, booth displays, program ads and a brochure with inserts. DP World also required an extensive supporting digital marketing campaign that included email notifications, an industry white paper and supporting website landing /thank you pages with a lead generation process. An added challenge (and highlight for the Red Rocket team) was aligning the conference materials with DP World’s new global brand standards—activated just days before the conference.

The Solution

Following a research, investigation and brainstorming phase, we developed a conference theme: “Northwest to Southeast: more options to—and from—the Americas.”  This concept defined DP World’s strategic entry points to access markets in North America while addressing an important issue for conference attendees. We then created a sub-brand that aligned with the company colour palette and introduced background textures built around wavy diagonal patterns that suggested water, map contour lines and also route direction.

The conference design theme harmonized well with DP World’s brand rollout and allowed us to expand on their new look by implementing custom colours, photography styles and textures designed specifically for the conference. To help the brochure stand out amongst exhibitors, we developed a memorable foldout concept using bold colours, complimented with gloss and matte UV varnishes, a pocket and an informative insert for each of the four ports.

As a Platinum Sponsor, DP World was allowed to install a row of 32 full-length window cling panels in the main conference entrance, reinforcing DP World’s event theme with attendees. This same imagery was applied to DP World’s booth display and brochure inserts, and also to full page ads, a conference-based white paper and a microsite that helped DP World collect contact information and sales leads from attendees.

This extensive matrix of memorable marketing materials was extremely well received and helped DP World establish its presence at the conference. Most importantly, the tools helped DP World anchor its reputation as a leading enabler of global trade.